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Warehouse Space & Distribution Services—Halifax Transfer Has You Covered!

Many businesses are looking for alternative solutions to conventional warehouse spaces. Instead of making a sizeable investment in owning their own warehouses, they choose to work through a third party company to manage their product in a warehouse. We offer affordable, efficient and responsible warehousing services for businesses who want to be competitive. We also are a Certified Controlled Goods Approved Warehouse.

For affordable warehouse relocation in Halifax, choose Halifax Transfer.

Our Facilities

We take care of your warehouse needs so you can focus your time and money on your business. Our modern and secure warehouse facilities are temperature controlled and conveniently located in Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, NS. Whether you need short or long-term warehousing service, inventory service, cross-docking or delivery services, we’ve got you covered.

Warehouse interior

Customer Designed Service

The optimization of your warehousing with Halifax Transfer begins with our customer designed service. Our professional and knowledgeable staff meets with each of our new clients to create a customized, competitive, service-oriented plan that will meet or exceed your expectations. Our consulting service is free. Contact us to start designing your warehouse service.

Need Commercial Distribution Service? Call Halifax Transfer

Halifax Transfer provides extensive warehousing distribution in Halifax to a variety of commercial businesses. Receiving, checking, recording shortages/overages, inventory control, cross-dock and long term storage are all available. We are also a bonded warehouse and are able to provide short and long term storage for in bond shipments, in addition to container loading and unloading. Unique inventory procedures are available, and we are able to mirror your individual inventory requirements, or design one that will assist you in maintaining accurate and up to date inventory management.

Our Equipment

Our large fleet of service equipment meets the needs of our clients every day. Our forklifts, trailers, straight trucks, cargo vans, cube vans and container chassis are paired with trained, qualified staff that will guarantee your satisfaction.

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking for more warehouse space, equipment with trained operators or a faster link in your supply chain, Halifax Transfer can meet your warehouse needs. Call us a 902-468-6683 or email us to talk about your warehouse needs.