Let Us Help You Relocate! Professional Office Movers

Sign on the dotted line – You have signed your lease for your new office space in the perfect location, now it’s time to organize and plan the move! Office relocating is not a simple or easy task. Relocating your office requires expertise, proper planning, and a qualified company to complete the move on time and on budget. Professional packing and shipping services, dismantling and re-installs, moving of specialty equipment and third party contracting are all services that need to be arranged. Halifax Transfer’s office relocation specialists can provide you with a tailored proposal for your move.

Below is a comprehensive checklist for your office relocation.

  • Notify your landlord you will be relocating
  • Tell your staff you are moving – date and location
  • Reserve elevators and loading docks for moving day
  • Notify of address change – clients, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, etc.
  • Make a list of all existing furniture and have them packed and sorted by room for easier setup
  •  Order any new office furniture and equipment
  • Get insurance for the move!
  • Change locks/access codes on new premises as close to moving day as possible to secure access
  • Arrange for listing on lobby directory of new building
  • Arrange for post-move cleaning
  • Organize a “staff moving committee” if appropriate and delegate responsibilities
  • Plan and finalize seating plan and identify each location for office furniture/ employee workspace
  • Schedule and implement a clean-up program (purge files, dispose of trash)
  • Arrange for off-site storage of old files
  • Arrange for staff to tour new premises a few weeks prior to move
  • Distribute access cards and keys for new premises
  • Remove computer equipment (server) and phone system prior to arrival of movers and commence reinstallation at new site
  • Distribute new phone list and map showing the locations of departments
  • Install and test all computers
  • Transfer your insurance to the new location
  • Obtain Certificates of Insurance from your insurance company
  • Confirm termination of old leases
  • Collect parking passes, security cards and keys for the old facility. Confirm the return of any deposits held by the landlord for these items
  • Complete and file all warranty information for all new furniture and equipment
  • Update fixed asset accounting system for any new furniture and equipment purchased
  • Confirm the change-of-address corrections made

At Halifax Transfer we help plan every detail of your move so you can get back to business as soon as possible!

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