Residential Moving Tips and Moving Checklist

Residential Moving Tips and Moving Checklist

Moving can seem like an adventure, but once it get closer to that moving time it can seem overwhelming. You are thinking about all the other things you have to do when moving from one place to another; make sure all appointments are scheduled, make sure the kids and pets have somewhere to go during the moving process and a thousand other little things you have to remember to do. Make moving day a whole lot less stressful following these tips and print our FREE moving checklist.

Things to Consider Before Moving

  1. What can be thrown out or donated? Things you no longer want or need should be disposed of to make packing and moving easier.
  2. Arrange to change over services to your new address, like mail delivery, electricity, gas, oil, telephone, cable, newspaper and any other deliveries.
  3. Notify the following of your new address: driver’s license, Automobile Registration Bureau, insurance company, charge accounts, health services, doctor, dentist, etc.

What the mover needs to know:

  1. How many rooms are in your apartment or household?
  2. Are you living or moving to an apartment, what floor is the apartment on and are there elevator facilities?
  3. What goods are stored in your basement or locker?
  4. Do you have a piano, a freezer or any such large items and where are they located?
  5. Are there any other articles which because of their size, weight, location or fragility may cause a problem during the move?

Packing Tips

  1. Assemble packing materials including sturdy cartons of different sizes, tape for sealing, clean paper and tissue for paper for wrapping china and fabrics, newspapers can be used as cushioning material, and marking pens.
  2. Only soft items, such as clothing and bedding should be left in drawers.
  3. Books should be packaged on edge in small cartons so they are not too heavy to lift.
  4. Pictures and mirrors should be packed. Metal mirrors, backless mirrors and marble slabs should be crated.
  5. Mattresses and box springs can be kept clean in mattress bags at an extra charge. Ask a representative for details.
  6. Plates should be wrapped separately, then in bundles of four to six and placed on edge in a carton.
  7. Power tools and outdoor equipment such as TV aerials, children’s swings, and garden sheds should be dismantled before moving day.
  8. Valuables (jewels, furs, important papers, etc.) should be sent by registered mail or security carrier, or carry them with you.

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Residential Moving Tips and Moving Checklist
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